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Some of my clients (and maybe you too?) have relied on me to support them all along the path with more or less regular conversations. Some have wanted help in establishing and maintaining regular writing routines. Some need to make a promise to complete a section or the next draft by a certain date. And others want to talk over alternative approaches as they step off solid ground and write into the unknown.

   For some of them the important element is simply that we stay in touch, that they are reminded that their writing is important – and that they can finish.

   And here’s the surprise: what is true is that even experienced authors sometimes need that kind of support. Editing helps them pick out the greatness in their own creation, discard the chaff, and if necessary regrind the grain or re-mold the loaf. (You can choose your preferred metaphor.)

   You might enjoy watching the documentary film “Read Every Page.” It presents the complex relationship between a great writer about political power, Robert Caro, and his equally great editor, Robert Gottlieb, over 50 years and several volumes. It’s available on Netflix for a modest fee – and worth it if you want to experience how profoundly a writer can consider each draft.

   In some cases, you may just want me to comment on your writing as we go along. I’m fine with that too.

   Coaching starts with establishing trust and then addressing what you need to get to the next draft or to make your writing great, and that is unpredictable. We would work those things out together till you are satisfied with the arrangement.