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A Tribute on Bob Gottlieb’s Passing

Robert Gottlieb, my model for what an editor should be, died recently In New York at the age of 92. Bob Caro (author of The Power Broker and 4 volumes and counting of the Lyndon Johnson story) was a college classmate of mine In the 1950s, and I became

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Some Thoughts About Writing a Memoir

   In a memoir you want to write a story about a significant part of your life. It should engage your reader and convey something important that you have learned by living through a significant turning point. And then you need to stop.   It’s not an autobiography.   

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You Don’t Need an Editor? Mistake!

An Introduction to: “The Importance of Being Edited” DO YOU HAVE A PROBLEM? A friend recently finished the second draft of his book. He is publishing it privately, printed on demand, he told me. He showed me the first printed copy. It was beautiful. The cover was handsome, the

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